What Are Forklift Schools Near Me?

forklift schools near me

A forklift is a powerful machine. If used improperly, it can cause serious injury to workers or damage to property. There are laws that govern the use of forklifts and it’s a good idea to get certified to operate them. This will help you to get a job and be safe on the job. Read more ForkLiftAcademy.com

A lot of people ask, “What are forklift schools near me?” There are a couple of primary choices when it comes to training. One is to attend a forklift certification class in person. This entails attending classes, taking written tests, practicing on the equipment and passing an evaluation. It takes time out of the workplace and can be expensive.

Driving Success Locally: Your Guide to Top Forklift Schools in [Your City]

The other option is to take an online forklift training course. This is far more affordable and much faster to complete than the traditional forklift certification process. It’s ideal for new hires, re-certifying employees or for those who just need a refresher course. It can also be completed on a mobile device which makes it convenient.

A forklift school should be a reputable, OSHA approved training academy. It should offer a three part forklift training program including classroom instruction, written testing and hands on equipment training. The classroom portion covers safety regulations, equipment operation and maneuvers and will prepare students for the written test and onsite evaluation. Students will receive a certificate of completion upon passing the test and evaluation. The forklift certification is valid for three years.

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