Selling Houses With Faulty Boilers

Selling Houses with Faulty Boilers

A broken boiler shouldn’t prevent you from selling your home. In fact, many buyers would not care about it as long as the property is otherwise in good condition and meets their other conditions. But if you’re considering selling your property with a faulty boiler, there are some important factors you should consider first.

Selling Houses with Faulty Boilers, you should know that the law does not require you to have your central heating system serviced prior to the sale of a property. However, many buyers will want to make sure that the boiler is in working order and has been recently inspected by a Gas Safety Engineering company.

Heating Up the Sale: Navigating the Challenges of Selling Houses with Faulty Boilers

Moreover, the property information forms (PIFs) that sellers are required to fill in during the sale process ask them to confirm when the boiler was installed and when it was last serviced. Not declaring the status of a boiler, especially if it is faulty, can lead to compensation claims from the new owners after they move into the property.

Additionally, a faulty boiler can be a serious problem for the buyers if it breaks down right after the sales transaction is closed. In such cases, the seller might be blamed for the breakdown since it looks suspiciously close to the closure date. This might lead to legal issues and a loss of trust between the buyer and seller. However, there are several quick home buying companies that can help you sell your home even with a faulty boiler.

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