Paddle Boarding Gear – A Checklist

Paddle Boarding Gear

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out on the water or an adventure-filled paddleboard trip, you need to have the right gear. Here’s a quick checklist of things to consider when getting ready for your next trip:

Board Options and Sizes (Rigid versus Inflatable)

Rigid boards are made from a composite material that can take a beating. They’re usually built for durability, so they’re a good choice for kayakers. Go here

Inflatable SUPs typically use plastic with reinforcements along the rail and beneath where the paddler stands. They’re inflated with air before paddling, similar to pumping up your bike tires for riding.

Shoulder Straps & Carry Bags

If you’re not strong enough to carry your board on your shoulders, shoulder straps are an easy, low-cost solution. These straps easily attach to the back of your board and keep it out of the way as you go.

Keeping Your Paddle Board in Top Condition: Maintenance Tips and Gear

If your plan is to travel long distances or you don’t have a lot of upper-body strength, paddleboard carts are a great solution. These wheeled carts fit over your board and help you roll it across the ground, reducing the chances of it slipping.

Fins for Different Water Conditions

The type of fins you use will affect how your board handles. Larger fins improve steering and control while smaller ones enhance maneuverability. You can also choose between fixed or removable fins, and two-and-one configurations with a larger center fin surrounded by two smaller ones.

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