Marihuana Seeds

Marajana seeds  are the primary method for propagating cannabis plants. Originally grown from pollen between male and female marijuana plants, the seeds are fertilized by water or compost and grow into young plants, starting the cycle of growth all over again. Growing from seed can produce a much healthier, robust plant with better genetics than clones. For this reason, many homegrowers prefer to cultivate their own seeds rather than purchase clones.

Seeds are available at medical dispensaries and can be purchased with or without a physician’s recommendation. Registered patients who have received a recommendation can grow up to 12 vegetative or flowering plants and possess an unlimited number of seeds.

From Seed to Harvest: A Journey into Growing Your Own Marijuana Plants

When properly stored, a seed will remain viable for years and can be used to begin the cultivation of a new marijuana plant from scratch. However, a seed will require a very special growing environment to sprout successfully. Seeds need a specific ratio of oxygen to water, and over-watering will drown them. Seeds also need a cool, dark storage location and should be dehydrated to around 2-5% before being used for germination.

When a viable seed germinates, it will look similar to quinoa and be very delicate at this stage. When contained in an airtight, humid, warm container, the seed will eventually develop into a marijuana sprout which is tender and tasty. Sprouts also provide a nutritious boost to your diet; studies have shown that consuming them can help level up your intake of healthy vitamins and minerals.

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